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'Realising ideas in hand crafted wood'


As a competent amateur bespoke furniture maker, many friends have commissioned a piece of furniture.

For their pleasure and for generations to come I have brought some of their ideas into reality.

A rocking horse Heritage Cradle (Oak & Walnut)
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A medium sized rocking horse for children up to 8yrs of age, made from American whitewood (Liriodendron Tulipfera). A full sized model measuring 34" long, 22" wide and 31"high, suitable for use by infants upto crawling age. Here can be seen one in European Oak (Quercus Robur) and the other in American Black Walnut (Juglanes Nigra).
The Rocking Chair Children's Toys
Rocking Chair Left 1.gif.thmb.jpg (3834 bytes) NumberCounter Toy.gif.thmb.jpg (6102 bytes)
A traditional ladder-style back rocking chair made from American white oak (Quercus alba) with leather seat and antique pins. A number puzzle learning aid for young infants, made from American Black Walnut (Juglanes Nigra) & American White Oak (Quercus alba).
House Signs Walnut Picture frame (The Latest client commission)
BolneyFarmhouse Sign.gif.thmb.jpg (5272 bytes)
American white oak (Quercus alba) house sign designed for high visibilty. Designed from American Black Walnut (Juglanes Nigra) with Bird Maple Veneer inset to house client's wedding cake decorations.
Mexican effect Book Shelves Mexican effect CD Rack
Shelves_1.JPG.thmb.jpg (4917 bytes) CDRack_1.JPG.thmb.jpg (5935 bytes)
Made from recycled Pine, and treated to blend in with existing client's furniture. Made from recycled Pine, and treated to blend in with existing client's furniture.

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